Hosanna! Bless Box... BEYOND THE BOX

NEED a Bless Box?​  Stop by the church until November 29 to grab your kid's box from the bins outside the right front doors.  If you don't find one with your kid's name on it, grab one of the unmarked "extra" boxes and drop us a note to let us know.   

GOT a Bless Box?​  Open it up and see all the good stuff inside.  Check out the booklet to see how to use these resources.  Then explore the the great videos below to go deeper.

Looking for LAST MONTH'S online content?​  Visit the archive here.

BEGIN HERE: Hello! from Pastor Mike


For Younger Kids:

For Older Kids:


Unfolding the Advent Journey

This video contains the lesson for all 5 weeks

Watch the following sections for each week:

Advent 1 / November 29:  0:00-3:54
Advent 2 / December 6:  3:55-5:43
Advent 3 / December 13:  5:44-8:11
Advent 4 / December 20:  8:12-10:15
Christmas / December 24/25:  10:16-14:28

Resources for Parents:

We're encouraging families to begin learning the Faith 5 discipline created by Faith Inkubators.

Hear what creator of Faith 5, Dr. Rich Melheim, has to say about the second step--reading the Bible with your kids--and the difference that it makes.  

We'll be learning a new step each month.  If you'd like to learn more about Faith 5 and check out all the steps, you can find it on the Faith Inkubators website.  



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