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Coloring Pages and Activities

Illustrated Ministry has put together scripture, discussion questions, an activity, and a coloring sheet to go deeper each week this Christmas an Epiphany.  Much of the resource is fitting for both kids and adults who find coloring to be enjoyable and meditative.  Download a free copy of this resource below.  As of February 14, this series is complete and the final activity has been posted.


Start the new year.

Add your hopes, dreams, and intentions.

Psalm 139

Week of January 17

Second Sunday after Epiphany

Mark 9:2-4

Week of February 14

Transfiguration Sunday

Psalm 148

Week of December 27

First Sunday
after Christmas

Mark 1:14-20

Week of January 24

Third Sunday after Epiphany

Matthew 2:10

Week of January 3

Second Sunday
after Christmas

Mark 1:21-22

Week of January 31

Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

Mark 2:10

Week of January 10

Baptism of Our Lord

Isaiah 40:21-31

Week of February 7

Fifth Sunday after Epiphany

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