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The Cross is a Meaningful Symbol - This Is What It Means to Us...


The cross has been used for millennia to represent God's great gift and sacrifice to humanity.  Throughout this time, artists have depicted the cross in different ways to convey different meanings.  We each connect with these different crosses for different reasons.  These are the crosses that are especially meaningful to us.

Thank you to everyone who shared their crosses with us.  There were a lot of crosses shared over the past 2 weeks (yay!).  If you submitted a meaningful cross and we somehow missed it, please send another e-mail to Pastor Mike and we will add it. 

Karen Orrill.JPG

Karen Orrill

This cross is small...only 3" x 4".  It is special because  I like its design and it was made by Hosanna! members Merle and Donna Krugman.  In addition, its purchase helped fund our beautiful window at the front of the sanctuary.

Alison Hall.jpg

Alison Hall

One of first "decorations" she bought after getting her first apartment. Since it's been in 3 of our houses and is currently in our hallway outside of all of our bedrooms.

Emery Hall.jpg


Laney got this cross at her mom's first baby shower and when Emery was born, Laney gave it to Emery.

Jamie Heil.jpg

Jamie Heil

We received this as a gift from my mom last year.  She made this beautiful cross by hand for our family.  Countless hours went into this project, and a total of 18 scroll saw blades were used to work through every small detail.  When I look at this cross, I am reminded of my mother's gifts from God - endless patience, attention to detail in all that she does, and the love that goes into all of her projects.  

Marjorie Yates.jpg

Marjorie Yates

This is my favorite cross because my mother brought it to me from her visit to the Holy Land. It is made from olive wood.

Janeen Bollhoefer 1.jpg

Janeen Bollhoefer

Two years after I started dating Russ, his parents asked what I wanted for Christmas.  I said a cross necklace.  I knew God and the church were very important to them, but little did I know how much that cross necklace would give me comfort during the most difficult times.  The three rings were added later after my sister death, which has inscription on each ring: 2 sisters, 2 friends, 4 ever.

Mike Kern.jpg

Pastor Mike Kern

This was one of my earlier woodworking projects, a replica of the cross in the chapel at Valparaiso University, where I went to college.  My work there shaped my love of worship and was a big part of my journey to becoming a pastor.  I made two others, which I gave to friends who shared that experience with me.

Tami Heitland.jpg

Tami Heitland

Our neighbors brought this back from Colorado vacation as a thanks for feeding their cat while they were gone.

Robert Hall.jpg

Robert Hall

This  Celtic Cross was purchased when Alison and I went to Ireland to visit the town my family was from before coming to the US in 2011. 

Lona Ristine.jpg

Lona Ristine

I have many crosses in my home, but this is my favorite one because my pastor hand carved it.  It fits in my hand perfectly and I have it out so I can see it and use it every day.

Pam Schmidt 1.jpeg

Pam Schmidt

I like to find little surprises out in the world.  The first cross I found in Lowe's parking lot on December 18, 2004.  To me, it was a reminder that God is everywhere and He shows us that if we just look for Him.  I have kept this on my desk at work for 15+ years and look at it every day. 

Catherine Noel.jpg

Catherine Noel

I have worn this cross on this same finger nearly every day for the last 25 years. I love this cross because it helps remind me of Jesus' love, brings me calm when I need it, it's always with me, and occasionally strikes up a conversation with others. 

Janeen Bollhoefer 2.jpg

Janeen Bollhoefer

These crosses were made by Merle Krugman. The first was created for Lent one year, and I believe every member received one.  The second I purchased during a Holiday Bazaar the church hosted. Each brings back memories of Merle and all the great times we had during our dinner in groups.  I cherish these as it was an honor to be a part of Merle’s circle and as a reminder of God’s beauty shows in our talents.

Donna Krugman.jpg

Donna Krugman

This cross was made by my wonderful husband Merle.  It is a favorite as it depicts  Jesus from birth to ascension.  It is scrolled in cherry wood with a walnut backer.  

Laney Hall.jpg


This cross was given to Laney after her baptism from her grandmother.

Sarah Read.jpg

Sarah Read

Easter cross from last year that we’ve never taken down.  To quote Max, “Why should we take it down?  Isn’t Jesus with us all the time?”

Pam Schmidt 2.jpg

Pam Schmidt

I like to find little surprises out in the world.  This second cross I saw in a wooden bench in MN.  I love His little reminders that He is there!

Alison Kern.jpg

Alison Kern

I got this cross on a study abroad trip to Greece in college. We were able to visit several Greek Orthodox churches and I knew I wanted to bring home something special to remember the trip. This cross spoke to me because of the beautiful iconography of scenes from the life of Jesus, with his crucifixion at the center of it all. Every time I see it, I’m reminded not only of that amazing trip, but of God’s amazing love that is with us wherever we go. 

Janeen Bollhoefer 3.jpg

Janeen Bollhoefer

My sister had crosses hung throughout her house randomly placed on walls.   I always thought that was neat, as it reminds us God is with us wherever we are, so I started collecting crosses, picking up some here and there.  But I didn’t necessarily want to copy my sister home design.  After her death, I used to attend a Suicide Survivor’s group that has now been dismantled.  The Mo-Kan Suicide awareness group hosts many events to help survivors.   One of the events was held at Shawnee Mission Hospital chapel.  Going into the chapel was a huge wall with a many different types of crosses, it was so beautiful, and I immediately felt at peace. That gave me an idea to do my own wall.  The bronze one reminds of Pastor Mike’s sermon when he drew the stories of the bible.  Looking at these immediately puts me back to that day in the chapel and how much peace I felt.   

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