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Share Flowers with the Church!

An Easter tradition . . . modified


Okay, so we can't gather for Easter this year, and we aren't buying flowers that no one will see.  BUT, we are gathering drawings of Easter flowers during the Easter season to hang up in the church so that when we gather again, the beauty of Easter will be present.  Instead of just decorating the inside of the building, we're also using this opportunity to raise funds for some landscaping projects to beautify the outside. 

Make a beautiful creation (or many of them)

Download, print, and color one or all of these coloring pages (PDF document).


Use your own creativity to design your own flower artwork--it can be a picture, painting, pastels, sculpture, or any other form of art. 

We will display these springtime flowers throughout the worship space as a sign of hope, looking forward to the time we can gather again and be surrounded by the beauty of the church.  We hope everyone will submit flowers.  We look forward to a lot of them, so feel free to make as many as you'd like!

Make a contribution


Although not required to share your flower artwork, consider giving a gift to help us add beauty to the outside of our building.  Generous donors have offered to match all of these gifts up to $1,500.  If nothing else, consider giving the amount you would have given to buy Easter flowers.  You can mail in a check or give online.  Please be sure to label your gift (or a portion of your gift) as "landscaping."

These funds will be used in conjunction with some memorial gifts that were designated to improving the first impressions of our church.  Gifts to this project will help beautify the space between our front entrances (and fix the drainage issues), add signeage above the entry doors (helping visitors know where to enter the building), replant trees removed due to damage from the Ash Borer bug, and fund other landscaping projects we'd like to take on that don't fit into the budget.  The garden project was in the works earlier this spring in collaboration between the council, the Anderson Family (the memorials were given in honor of Tom), and a few others.  The project has been bid and was just about to be unveiled when we had to distance due to COVID-19.  We plan to move forward with the project and anticipate the work to be done this summer. 

Mail your flower pictures and gifts by April 19 to:
Hosanna! Lutheran Church
2800 N. Church Rd.
Liberty, MO  64068
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