Attend Worship in Person with Hosanna!

After extensive conversation about changes to CDC guidelines, rescinding of local mandates, and feedback from the congregation, our Council voted to lift our mask requirement during worship.

What has changed:  

  • Masks are no longer required in worship, so members have the option to mask or not.

  • In accord with CDC guidelines, we strongly advise those not vaccinated to continue wearing a mask and maintaining physical distancing.  We encourage everyone to get vaccinated and are available to help with scheduling vaccination appointments.  

  • The left side of the sanctuary will be reserved for those who would prefer to sit among others who are masked and have 6-foot distance.  

Continued Precautions:  

  • Independent of vaccination status, we ask people to remain at home if they are feeling sick, even if they don’t think it’s COVID, or if in the past 10 days they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID.  

  • Entry to worship will be through the front doors.

  • Communion will be served in lidded cups with careful preparation.

  • Passing of offering plates, attendance books, and physical sharing of peace are on hold.  

  • Doors and windows will be open when possible to facilitate air movement and minimize commonly touched surfaces.  

  • Commonly used surfaces will be regularly sanitized.  

  • Food/drink service will be limited and use individual servings.

  • Online worship and drive-through Communion will continue unchanged.  

  • Our council will continue to monitor guidelines, local regulations, and case counts, and adjust plans as needed.  

Why we’ve changed:

  • Throughout the pandemic, we have sought to follow CDC guidance, as well as local regulations and recommendations.  Our change reflects recent changes to those. 

  • Feedback from 73 members and regularly attending non-members indicate a significant desire or indifference to ending our mask requirement.  Those who indicated opposition to ending the requirement tended to already be uncomfortable attending at this time or indicated they would still feel comfortable attending with the requirement removed. 

  • Statistics show a marked decrease of COVID-19 cases and risks in our community.  The Clay County COVID-19 Data Hub indicates the local 7-day average of cases is 14 per 100,000 people (as of May 19, 2021).

  • Like so many decisions this past year, this was a hard decision to make.  We recognize people have very strong feelings in different directions.  Although we don’t all like every decision, we believe we can still be community in the midst of this challenging time, and that God will continue to walk with all of us.  We thank you for your care for one another, both inside and outside of our church building, and we believe the precautions we have previously taken have already made a difference and maybe even saved lives.  We will get through this together.