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Attend Worship in Person with Hosanna!

These are our COVID precautions.  If you're planning to visit and would like to know what worship looks and feels like with us, head over to our worship visitor information page.  

Masks are not required during worship, but they are encouraged for those who are unvaccinated or have higher health risks.

Current Masking Policy:  

  • Masks are not required in worship, so you may choose to mask or not.

  • We advise those not vaccinated to wear a mask and maintain physical distance for their own health and safety, and the safety of others.  We encourage everyone to get vaccinated.  

  • Several rows on the left side of the sanctuary are reserved for those who would prefer to sit among others who are masked.  

  • Masks are available at the door for those who don't bring one but would like to wear them.  

  • Masks will be worn by those serving Holy Communion, and those preparing it.  

Continued Precautions:  

  • Independent of vaccination status, we ask people to remain at home if they are feeling sick, even if they don’t think it’s COVID, or if in the past 10 days they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID.  

  • Physical sharing of the peace is on hold.  

  • Doors and windows will be open when possible to facilitate air movement and minimize commonly touched surfaces. 

  • HVAC fans will run continuously in the worship space and fellowship hall on Sunday mornings to maximize air movement and help reduce the spread of viral particles.  Filters capable of removing viruses have been installed in these units.  

  • Online worship will continue to be an option, as will seasonal outdoor services.  

  • Our council continues to monitor guidelines, local regulations, and case counts, and adjust plans as needed.  

Our Decision-making Process:

  • Our congregation council reviews local statistics and recommendations every month. 

  • Throughout the pandemic, we have sought to follow CDC guidance, as well as local regulations and recommendations.  

  • It has been hard making decisions during the pandemic.  We want the best for everyone physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The decisions may not always be ideal, but very little is ideal right now.  Know that our decisions have been made thoughtfully, faithfully, with conversation, and with love.  We recognize people have very strong feelings in different directions.  Although we don’t all like every decision, we believe we can still be community in the midst of this challenging time, and that God will continue to walk with all of us.  We thank you for your care for one another, both inside and outside of our church building, and we believe the precautions we have previously taken have already made a difference and maybe even saved lives.  

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