Easter Alleluia Printable

Many people have found beautiful ways to paint the windows of their homes or leave inspiring and hope-filled messages in sidewalk chalk around their neighborhoods. As Illustrated Ministry thought about what else they could offer to make Easter fun and celebratory, they designed a brand-new Alleluia poster illustration that could be colored and displayed in homes around the world. And they want you to have it for FREE!  Download the poster here:

Easter Message from ELCA Presiding Bishop:








Message from ELCA Presiding Bishop about COVID-19

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Peep Biblical Diorama Competition

Several of our members made dioramas out of peeps depicting a story from the Bible.  See what they made and vote on your favorite here.  The voting results will be posted Easter Sunday. 

Make Easter Last with Flower Art and a Landscaping Gift


Color a page of flowers or create your own flower work of art to hang in our worship space so that the beauty of Easter lasts until our next in-person gathering.  Also consider a gift to support landscaping projects around the church to extend that long-lasting beauty outside.  More details are available here!

See Our Favorite Crosses

The cross is a powerful symbol.  Different aspects of God's action on the cross moves us in different ways.  Visit here to see what crosses people submitted, and why they are so meaningful to them.

Palm Sunday Activities


Grab a branch or make a paper palm for Palm Sunday.  Visit here to learn about what you can do, and how you can use your palms this year! 


More Inspiration is Coming Soon...

After being slaves in Egypt, the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years.  We don't expect this pandemic to last that long, but we are in a desert of our own.  Like those Israelites, we can feel lost and lonely.  We can feel like resources are scarce.  We we're not sure where this is going, or where we're headed personally.  We can even begin to loose hope of ever getting through it to the other side.  Fortunately, the Exodus story reminds us how this will go--God will be with us, and we'll get through it. 

Throughout the wilderness journey, the Israelites had each other and they had God.  We do, too.  In the end, the wilderness journey shaped the people of God--who they were, how they understood God, and how they were connected to each other.  During this journey, we walk it together.  While this journey will challenge our fortitude, it will shape us.  Our intention is to come out of it stronger and closer than when we began. 

It's still a work in progress, but this whole website is designed to help you connect with others on this journey.  Check back to see what opportunities there are for connection, worship, and faith formation. 

On this specific page, we'll be posting inspirational thoughts, quotes, scriptures, and more to encourage you and for you to comment and share yourself.  Stay tuned for more . . .


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