Our Daily Bible Stories with Pastor Mike

Our routines and schedules have been wrecked by the pandemic, and this can be especially tough on kids.  These videos are one more opportunity to share the Bible stories, and a good way to help kids feel connected to their church family even when we can't gather.  All of the stories come from the Jesus Storybook Bible, which is Pastor Mike's favorite story Bible (he learns as much from it as any kid can!). 

There are 23 stories in the New Testament of this book, and May 13 is the final story.  Our copyright permission limits the number of videos we can put up at a time, so you'll only be able to view the current and past 4 videos.  If you missed the beginning, or would like to rewatch the videos, contact Pastor Mike and he can make them privately available to you. 

FAITH 5 Daily Routine

If you don't already do it, I also encourage you to use this time to start your own routine of daily Bible reading and prayer together with your kids.  Even older kids would benefit from this time together with you and God.  Dig out that Bible the congregation has given your kids or drop me a note for recommendations for another age-appropriate Bible. 


Faith Inkubators offers this profoundly simple pattern for daily time together that works with kids of all ages:

  1. SHARE your highs and lows

  2. READ a Bible verse or story

  3. TALK about how the Bible reading might relate to your highs and lows

  4. PRAY for one another’s highs and lows

  5. BLESS one another

You can find more details and suggestions for each step at https://faithink.com/the-faith5-steps.

Prayers for When You Feel Anxious


Kids pick up on the anxiety that adults are feeling right now.  Download these coloring pages and prayer resource for kids and for adults during anxious times.  Provided for free by Illustrated Ministry.

Jesus Storybook Bible Information


The stories and illustrations are shared online with permission of HarperCollins Christian Publishing.  Thank you to them for allowing us to do this!  We highly recommend you pick up any of the Jesus Storybook Bible books and accompanying materials that are available.  Find them on Amazon or at other retailers.