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25 Days of Prayer

Center yourself: 

Find a time and a space where you can focus.  Then, pay attention to your breathing.  As you inhale, imagine
breathing in the Holy Spirit.  As you exhale, let your worries, anxieties, and distractions leave with that breath. 

Begin saying these or your own words: 

Gracious and loving God, be near to NAME(S).  Hold them in your hands.  Calm them, fill them, move them, and empower them as you know they need.


Add something different each day:

  • Friday, Dec. 1 - Fill NAME(S) with anticipation and excitement for all that is to happen this season, and lead them to look for your action and wonderful deeds.  

  • Saturday, Dec. 2 - When choices must be made about what NAME(S) does this seasons, lead them do the things that are most important and life-giving.   

  • Sunday, Dec. 3 - As NAME(S) follows the traditions of Christmases past, grant them the opportunity and openness to try something new and wonderful.  

  • Monday, Dec. 4 - Grant NAME(S) the vision to recognize the blessings that so easily get missed in the rush and stress of daily living.   

  • Tuesday, Dec. 5 - Give physical health to NAME(S).  However they are hurting, heal them.  
    However they are weak, strengthen them.  However they are unhealthy, lead them to wellness.  

  • Wednesday, Dec. 6 - Help NAME(S) find the time and space they need to rest in this busy time.  Calm their hearts and minds at the end of each day, and raise them refreshed each morning.  

  • Thursday, Dec. 7 - Support NAME(S)’ emotional well-being.  Grant healing in times of hurt, joy in times of depression, companionship in times of loneliness, and hope in times of despair.  

  • Friday, Dec. 8 - Whenever life feels out of control, or prayers are not answered as asked, renew NAME(S) with your Holy Spirit.  Help them trust your promise of new life and recognize how you give it.  

  • Saturday, Dec. 9 - Fill NAME(S) with an imaginative spirit this season.  Help them realize your dreams for their lives and to find joy when those dreams come true.  

  • Sunday, Dec. 10 - Empower NAME(S) with a passion for justice.  Whenever neighbors are wronged, move them to compassion and guide their work to build up one another.  

  • Monday, Dec. 11 - As life gets busy and stressful, give NAME(S) peace and energy.  

  • Tuesday, Dec. 12 - Forgive NAME(S) for the mistakes they have made--for things they have done and for not being who you created them to be.  Free them from shame, that they may live freely again.  

  • Wednesday, Dec. 13 - Help NAME(S) forgive others--for long-held grievances, and new sins committed each day.  Free them from carrying those weights, and to remember it’s not their own fault.

  • Thursday, Dec. 14 - Grant NAME(S) freedom from fear over security, finances, imperfection, or whatever else causes anxiety.  Alleviate their worries by helping them trust that you are with them.  

  • Friday, Dec. 15 - Fill NAME(S) with thanksgiving again and again.  Help them recognize your daily blessings, and lead them to share those blessings without counting the cost.  

  • Saturday, Dec. 16 - Although not perfect, grant NAME(S) satisfaction and wholeness in their lives.  

  • Sunday, Dec. 17 - Give NAME(S) confidence in the talents you have given them, the passions they hold, and the decisions they make.  

  • Monday, Dec. 18 - Lead NAME(S) to humility, empathy, and loving service.  Fill them with so much of your love that it spills over onto those around them.  

  • Tuesday, Dec. 19 - Enable NAME(S) to remain playful.  Help them find enjoyable recreation, give them a sense of humor, and lead them to see the joy you’ve built into life.   

  • Wednesday, Dec. 20 - As NAME(S) prepares for the year ahead, give them guidance in tough life-altering decisions.  Grant them wisdom, and lead them to follow your will and your ways.  

  • Thursday, Dec. 21 - Lead someone to give NAME(S) a genuine and warm embrace.  Help them accept that love, and remember that you are reaching out through that embrace.

  • Friday, Dec. 22 - Move NAME(S) to generosity and hospitality.  Help them accept others for who they are, not who they feel others ought to be.  

  • Saturday, Dec. 23 - As NAME(S) gathers with family, friends, coworkers, and others, renew and strengthen the relationships in their lives, especially those that have been strained in the past.  

  • Sunday, Dec. 24 - As discord and loss bring pain this holiday season, lead NAME(S) to feel closer to their loved ones.  Grant them wholeness and peace, and fulfill your promise to them of new life. 

  • Monday, Dec. 25 - Thank you for coming personally near to NAME(S).  Enfold their whole lives in your holy presence, and grant them wonder and joy in your presence.

Tell God anything else on your heart. 

As you feel moved, add anything you know that the person you’re praying for seeks or needs, offer up your own personal prayers, and/or pray for our world. 


Finish by saying these or your own words: 

I/We pray all these things trusting in your faithfulness and nearness shown through Jesus Christ, my Lord.  Amen. 

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