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Receive Holy Communion:

Communion is available in the church parking lot every Sunday 10:30-11:15am.  Communion has been prepared using careful sanitation, and will be delivered to your car in lidded cups while wearing a face mask.

There will be no drive-thru Communion next Sunday, January 24.  The times on January 31 only will be modified to 10:00-10:40.  

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Announcement Highlights:

  • Join us for online fellowship Sunday, January 17 at 11:30am using the link below.  

  • Join the Liberty Community Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration this Monday, January 18, at 10:00 a.m. All are welcome to join the online celebration via Zoom at this link.

  • Hosanna's annual congregational meeting will be Sunday, January 31 at 11:00am on Zoom.  Details are available at the link below.

If you would like prayer:

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  • Still not getting it to work?  Call the church office at 816-781-7991, leave a message if we don't answer, and we'll assist you as soon as we are able.  If online video isn't a good fit for you, we can provide you with a DVD of the service each week to watch on your TV.  

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Service music (C) 2006 Augsburg Fortress. Used by permission of Augsburg Fortress.  Permission to podcast/stream the text and music in this service obtained from One License.net with license #A-729952. 



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