• We don't have "children's church" or a staffed nursery. We like to worship as a family.  Instead of asking kids to sit and be quite, we find ways for them to be a part.  We expect kids to act like kids, even during worship.

  • We hope you’ll help your kids join in prayers and songs, even if it’s just dancing or swaying to the music.

  • Children worship through their play, so we have faith-based activities available at the back of the worship space that include books, toys, fidgets, coloring books, and children's bulletins.  These are temporarily unavailable during the pandemic.

  • Pastor invites kids to the front for an age-appropriate message just before the sermon.

  • We want to raise our kids to be caring and generous.  During the offering, kids are invited to place an offering in the clear container at the front.  They are added up periodically, and used to purchase tangible gifts like livestock for struggling farmers or Christmas presents for local kids in foster care. 

  • All kids are welcome to help us with the blessing at the end of the service, even if it’s just standing with open arms to remind us of Jesus’ love.

  • You might notice people staring, smiling, and talking with your kids.  Although visiting parents often feel in the spotlight, know that we are not judging, but taking delight in your kids.  As they become comfortable, a lot of kids in our congregation enjoy connecting with adult friends.

  • An unattended nursery is available just off the front hall for parents who need to step out.

  • Changing stations are available in both bathrooms on the main level.