Wednesday Bible Study . . . ​Online

We will meet for Bible study online every Wednesday at 10;00.  Whether you've participated in this study in person in the past, or are looking to join for the first time, you are welcome.  Details about how to join by phone or by video conference are posted each Tuesday on a separate web page.  

Our Daily Bible Stories with Pastor Mike

Our routines and schedules have been wrecked by the pandemic, and this can be especially tough on kids.  During this time, we invite you to start a new routine...daily Bible stories with Pastor Mike.  These videos are one more opportunity to share the Bible stories, and a good way to help kids feel connected to their church family even when we can't gather.  Check our Bible Story page each weekday for a new story!

Prayers for When you Feel Anxious Coloring Pages

If you're feeling stressed and anxious, there are two things that can help:  prayer and coloring.  Although coloring may seem like the stuff of children, it's a great way for adults to slow down their thoughts and focus their bodies, too.  Download the resource below, print it off, and bust out your colored pencils, markers, or crayons. 


Thank you to Illustrated Ministry for providing this free resource. 

If you don't have a way of printing these pages, but still would like them, drop us a note and we'll mail you a paper copy. 

Our Congregation's Lenten Devotional Book


We didn't plan it this way, but the devotional booklet written by members of our congregation is an excellent way to feel connected to the lives of others in our congregation.  The writers aren't unknown people far away, but people you know.  Even if you didn't start at the beginning of Lent, download it now and see how others have experienced the love of God!




If you have ideas for what would be helpful and meaningful for you, or if you'd like to help facilitate an online group, please send a note to Pastor Mike at 



Prayers or When You Feel Anxious Coloring Pages
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