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Hosanna's 2022 Lent Devotional Booklet

Thank you everyone who contributed reflections and illustrations.  Begin reading on Wednesday, March 2.  

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Printed booklets are available in the entry and fellowship hall.  You can also call the church office at 816-781-7991 to have one delivered to you.  

You can also download a PDF version below:

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This isn't the first time we've done this!  We wrote Lenten devotions as a congregation in 2020.  

The writers aren't unknown people far away, but people you know.  Download it now and see how others have experienced the love of God!

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The season of Lent is traditionally a time when Christians take up any number of disciplines to grow closer to God.  Devotional books like this one help us commit to regular reading of scripture, reflection, and prayer.  The reflections are offered to get us started thinking about how the scriptures intersect with our own lives. 


You might be wondering why we needed to write our own devotional booklet.  These reflections mean something to us precisely because they are yours.  Each of us has different experiences, perspectives, and talents, and God is present in all of them.  By sharing these stories, we are inviting one another to know God as we do, and into deeper relationship with God and the church.   We pray that these holy words will mean something to you also. 

Thank you to everyone who opened their hearts and their minds to share their faith.  It is not easy for any of us, so try not to compare your devotion to those of others.  All are valuable.  We pray that sharing your story is as much a blessing as hearing the stories of others. 

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Set aside a time each day to read this devotional--when you get up or go to bed, before a meal, while waiting in the car, or with a loved one.  Choose a time you can stick to each day.  If you miss a few days, don’t beat yourself up.  Pick up with today’s reflection.  Mark the ones you miss and go back to them later. 


Although these devotions are meaningful as printed in this booklet, we encourage you to read the full scripture passage listed on each page to hear the full context and weight of God’s Word before reading the reflection. 


Finish by saying the prayer.  Feel free to add anything God has moved you to say, or additional prayers you’ve learned over the years. 

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