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Looking for great early childhood education?

Look no further than Brighton Academy North, which operates out of Hosanna's building!  

Brighton Academy provides a peaceful, safe, and fun environment for children to grow and feel loved.  Their mission is to serve children and their families by providing innovative, high quality early learning and childcare, as well as providing many additional services to help families in the busy world in which they live.

Brighton Academy North is owned and operated independently from Hosanna! Lutheran Church, but we love the relationship we have with them, and think you will two.  Learn more about Brighton Academy and enrollment on their website


How is Hosanna! connected to Brighton Academy?


Since Hosanna! was founded back in 2000, members have dreamed of offering daycare in our facility.  While that has not been able to materialize as a ministry of the congregation, we are excited that a team of dedicated, experienced, and well-known daycare leaders in our community are serving families from our building.  We've joined Brighton Academy in modifying the building to create a safe and welcoming space for kids and their families.  Several of our own kids attend!

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