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Support our ministry without spending anything extra...


What is RaiseRight?

Through RaiseRight, you can purchase digital or physical gift cards to over 750 popular brands, and those brands will donate up to 20% of the gift card value to Hosanna, at no additional cost to you!  It's one way these brands support charities.  

Whether you're buying gift cards to give as gifts, want to use one for regular shopping at a frequent store, or are planning a purchase or trip and want Hosanna! to benefit, it's easy to do.  E-gift cards are available to use right away after purchase.  You can even buy them on your phone when you're in the store, then use them to check out!


Due to the scale of our program and shipping costs, at this time, we are only offering digital gift cards or ship-to-home cards.  We will provide 1-2 opportunities to order and pay for physical cards through the church prior to the holiday season.

During 2022, all proceeds from this program will go towards our HVAC capital campaign, but we plan to keep it going in the future.  In just the first month with our test crowd, we've received over $200.  

Ready to Get Started?  


Step 1: Sign up online

Complete the quick sign-up form here:

  • If prompted for an enrollment code, enter ZQYW7RKE5MRL

  • Complete the fields to create your account

  • Enter and verify your phone number for 2-step verification (2-step verification protects your account if you forget your password or someone is using your account without your permission)

Step 2: Set Up Payment Options

There are 3 options to pay that may be available to you:

  1. Pay online with your bank account.  (There is a $.30 fee on each transaction.)
    From your Account page, choose Settings > Payment Options > Add Bank Account.  Follow the steps to automatically link your bank account.
    This is the most popular & secure way to pay for gift cards! Get your eGift cards and reloaded funds instantly.

  2. Pay online with your credit card.  (There is a 2.6% fee on each transaction.)
    Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Cards are accepted.
    A convenient way to pay, while still having instant access to eGift cards and reloaded funds.

  3. Pay your organization directly with check or cash.  (Temporarily Unavailable)
    You will only be able to use this option when we offer bulk orders for physical cards around the holidays.  

Step 3:  Download the RaiseRight app  (optional)

Order gift cards, view balances, and pay with e-cards immediately through the RaiseRight app on your phone.  Once downloaded, log in with the same username and password used to create your account.  

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