As our 40-day Lenten journey begins again this year, we take time to remember God’s promises and focus on God’s presence right here, right now, leading us into tomorrow. 


February 17 at 7:00pm

We begin each Lent by remembering that “you are dust and to dust you will return.”  However, this is not an exercise in pessimism.  In Genesis 2, God breathed life into dirt!  We begin Lent remembering that no matter how much we feel like dirt, God has a future for us. 

Join us for worship online Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 7:00pm at www.hosannatogether.org/ash

You may remember your mortality and God’s promise in one of these ways:

  • Drive-thru Imposition:  Come by the church anytime Feb. 17, 4:00-6:30.  Pastor Mike will pray with you and place ashes on your forehead (in a COVID-safe manner). 

  • On your own:  Use the ritual and suggestions at www.hosannatogether.org/ash to mark the cross on your forehead or the foreheads of your family members. 

  • During worship:  Mark the cross on your forehead or the foreheads of your family members during our worship service.  Suggestions for what to use are at www.hosannatogether.org/ash.


Each Wednesday at 6:15, beginning February 24

This has been a tough year, leaving many of us feeling like poor Job in the Bible who just can’t catch a break.  Though many of us have been taught this book is all about patience in suffering, that’s entirely wrong.  It’s a book of yearning, deep questions, wrestling with God, and finding hope in the midst of a world that feels out of our control. 

Each week of our Lenten Study, we’ll focus on different themes in the Book of Job, including why bad things happen to good people, why evil exists at all, where God is in our suffering, supporting friends who are hurting, and ultimately where we find hope and faith.  Rather than following a book or printed study, Pastor Mike will lead us through this book, drawing on his journey with this book after his mother's Alzheimer's diagnosis and his experience walking with people who are hurting. 

Sign up to join the study at www.hosannatogether.org/job


We’ll be reading the Bible together, but no other study materials will be necessary. 

Evening Prayer

Each Wednesday at 7:45, beginning February 24

Join us online as we sing and pray using a new Holden Evening Prayer service each week.  During the service, Pastor Mike will lead us through a meditation focusing on God’s path and God’s promise.  This beautifully simple service is a great way to calm your heart and mind, and to connect with God in the middle of a busy week.  Details are available at www.hosannatogether.org/evening-prayer

Lenten Devotional

Spend intentional time with God each day.

We all wish we felt closer to God.  Most of us wish we read the Bible more and prayed more.  Lent is an excellent opportunity to do all that and more, simply by committing to spend 5-10 minutes each day reading a short scripture passage and reflection.  Rather than trying to make it up on our own each day, devotional resources (a booklet, app, or daily e-mail) can make this discipline even easier. 


We’ve listed several great resources for you at www.hosannatogether.org/devotion, and can make several of them available in print if you call the office:

- Awesome Mystery Daily Devotional from Luther Seminary

- Several apps for your phone or tablet

- Suggestions from Amazon and popular bookstores

- Daily subscriptions

- Our own reflections from last year’s devotional book written by members of Hosanna!