What we can do to support the community...

As people of faith, it's hard to practice social distancing because it feels like we're just taking care of ourselves.  We have learned the value of caring for others, and we believe God calls us to care for others.  We know there are needs right now, but it's hard to know what they are and what we can do.  Here are some resources to get you connected . . .

Prayer Weavers Continue Making Blankets

Hosanna's Prayer Weaver sewing team hasn't slowed down with the stay-at-home orders.  This year through March they've collectively assembled 440 blankets that will be given to Children's Mercy Hospital for patients receiving care.  Their goal for the year is 2,000 blankets.  If you'd like to learn how you can contribute to their work (you don't have to be a master weaver), contact Jane Bradbury.

Join Hosanna's Prayer Team

The Prayer Team commits to pray immediately when they receive an email with a prayer request. These go out sometimes several times a day depending on the request for prayer. They also pray weekly over the prayer concerns listed in the Happenings. If you would like to be a part of the important ministry, whether to pray or if you have a prayer request, contact the church office.

Contribute to Our Online Worship Service

We would like to include more of you in remote worship.  Sign up to record yourself reading the scripture, prayers of intercession, and/or the sending for remote worship.  Pastor Mike will provide information for the readings, as well as instructions of how to record on your smartphone and submit the recording to him to use in the upcoming service.  To sign up, simply contact Cathy and let her know how you would like to participate. Or you can update your profile on the Ministry Scheduler here. Choose one of the "Remote" ministry options.
Let’s see if your Hosanna family can recognize who’s reading!

Urgent Request from Liberty Hospital for Face Masks

Liberty Hospital has extended an urgent request for face mask. If you sew, even just a little, you can help. Here is a link with instructions and more information on this shortage:  https://www.deaconess.com/How-to-make-a-Face-Mask.  Liberty Hospital's volunteer services coordinator is Jean Moorefield. She is asking donors to call ahead to drop off at 792-7191.  She will come out to the curb to pick up donations.

In As Much Ministry is in need of food and volunteers

Many of their regular volunteers fall into the category of those we need to protect during this time.  As the situation rapidly changes, it’s best to contact the ministry directly through their website http://www.inasmuchministry.org/ or call them at 781-6357 to determine their latest volunteer needs.  In As Much Ministry is the local food pantry serving the Liberty area. 

Community Food Donation/Assistance for Families

The Liberty community has expressed an overwhelming willingness to help support families in need with important food items. Liberty Public Schools is partnering with Pleasant Valley Baptist Church and Feed Northland Kids to ensure our families are fully supported during these unprecedented times. They will be building food kits that will be distributed weekly and can use your help! Click here to learn more.

Show Support for Liberty Businesses

The Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce has created a Facebook group to share updates from Liberty area restaurants and local businesses.  The group is sorted into easily searchable units where you can find:

  • Restaurant menus and info about curbside pickup and delivery

  • Retail businesses that are offering online ordering

  • Various service industries that have adapted their offerings to continue serving customers

  • Community efforts like the Bear Hunt!

Visit the Facebook group here.


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