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Congregation Council and Governance

We operate according to a constitution that gives congregation members authority in the direction and decision-making of our shared ministry.  We elect officers and council members to act on behalf of the membership, and seek to act under Christ's authority and consistent with God's will.  We value transparency in all matters and provide the information below as part of our fulfillment of that value.  If you have questions, would like additional information, or wish to provide feedback, you are invited to contact any of the listed council members and/or the pastor.  

Council Members

President:  Tony B.

Vice President:  Justin N.

Secretary:  Joyce U.

Treasurer:  Ben C.

Pastor:  Mike K.

At-Large Council Members:

Chris M.

Margaret R.

Beth S.

Duane W.

Alissa W.

Last names and contact information have been omitted to protect the online privacy of our council, but congregation members may log in to their Breeze account to look up contact information in our online church directory, or they may contact the church office.

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