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Our worship is first and foremost about God.  But it's also about connecting with each other.

This is the time when we share our joys and laments with God--together.  It's time we dedicate to setting aside all the other demanding voices in our lives and listen to God's grace-filled and liberating Word.  As we sing together, we breathe together and sync our hearts to one another and to God.  Worship fills us with God's grace and sends us back out into daily life with strength, purpose, and joy.  

We blend traditional patterns of worship and music styles with some more recent movements of the Holy Spirit.  

Although we like the blast of the organ, our musician, Dr. Dan Bruggeman, is also fantastic on the piano.  We also have talented singers and musicians that lift our collective voices and hearts to God.  

We skew more traditional in style, but that doesn't mean we're stuffy.  

Our worship is more casual, joyful, and real than some more "contemporary" worship services.  Worship can get a little noisy because we move around and interact with each other.  We even laugh sometimes during the sermon (Pastor Mike is serious about Jesus, but he likes to think he's funny, too). 

We're not all the same and we don't all dress the same.

You are welcome--no matter who you are, what's different about you, or what you've done in your life.  We may look similar on the outside, but we promise we're all carrying stuff on the inside, just like you.  We're not perfect, so we don't expect you to be perfect.  Some people dress up to show respect to God; others dress casually to reflect a comfortable relationship with God.  You can dress as you feel moved.  

We don't have big screens, just bulletins.  

Our worship is not a performance for God or for the people attending.  We all have a part in our worship, so we all get bulletins (even kids!) to help us join in it together.  However, sometimes Pastor Mike will put up a screen or use visuals to bring the message home.

We receive Holy Communion every week.  

Jesus invited everyone to the Table, so we do, too.  We believe God is fully present in this meal, but we don't get worked up about how that happens.  We're just glad God promises to fill us every week.  We receive Communion in small individual cups.  We serve both wine and grape juice, and we have gluten-free bread available.  A child will remind you of Jesus' life-giving love before you return to your seat.

We'd love to get to know you.  

We won't make you stand up in worship, and we won't chase you if you try to fly under the radar.  Nonetheless, we’d love the opportunity to learn more about you, and share our life with you.  Let us know you're with us by filling out this brief form during worship.  We always try to have hot coffee and something good to snack on after worship, so you are welcome to stay and visit.  



Kids worship with us.  We don't have "children's church" or a staffed nursery to keep kids occupied while grown-ups worship.  Kids join us for worship, but instead of asking them to sit and be quiet, we make ways for them to move and be part of worship. 

We expect kids to act like kids.  If you notice people staring or smiling at your kids, it's because they think kids are wonderful gifts of God and love them.  If it's not one of your kid's finer moments, those adults are probably recalling the times they've been in your shoes.  Although you might feel like you're in the spotlight because of your kids, know that that light is love, not judgment. 

Worship is unlike anything else kids do.  It's okay if they are shy, uncertain, or ask embarrassing questions.  That's how they learn.  As kids become more comfortable, many of them enjoy connecting with other kids, adult friends, and Pastor Mike.

We hope you’ll help your kids join in prayers and songs, even if it’s just dancing or swaying to the music.  Kids like ritual, and many come to love that about our worship.  

Children worship through their play, so we have faith-based activities available by the entry to the worship space that include books, toys, fidgets, coloring books, and children's bulletins. 

The pastor invites kids to the front for an age-appropriate message.  It's a time for kids to hear the pastor talk about what they like to talk about and to get up and move before the sermon.  

We're raising our kids to be caring and generous.  Kids are invited to place an offering of their own in the container at the front.  Their gifts are used for ministry they care about, like livestock for struggling farmers, Christmas presents for local kids in foster care, and accessible playground equipment.  

Kids are welcome at Communion.  We're not rigid what age kids take Communion.  If your child has communed elsewhere, they are welcome to receive it with us.  Kids who don't receive Communion will receive a special blessing.  

Kids offer God's blessing to the congregation at the end of the service.  Kids are great at sharing love, so they help Pastor Mike with the final blessing.  Even if kids are new, they are welcome to join us by simply standing with open arms to remind us all of Jesus’ love.

An unattended nursery is available just off the front hall for parents and kids who need to step out of worship.  The service can still be heard over a speaker in the nursery.  If you can't hear it, turn up the volume on the knob just inside the door.  

Changing stations are available in both bathrooms on the main level.


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