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Christmas Carols with Hosanna!

This collection of carols is part of our gift to you this Christmas.  Listen as you relax, play in the background as you celebrate, join in the choir with your family, or sing along at the top of your lungs!

Three great ways to enjoy this music:

Listen online now.

Click the play button on the player on this page.  If it's not loading for you, you can also find it here.

Save them for later.

Share the joy!

  • Share this webpage ( with your friends and family.

  • Click the Share link near the upper right corner of the player to share via social media, e-mail, and more.

  • Get a copy of the CD (see above) to share.

THANK YOU to Hosanna! choir members for adding their voices and to Dr. Dan for recording the base track and digitally combining the voices together.

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