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Congregation Conversations

Pastor Mike is hosting small-group conversations this summer to talk about what we’re passionate about as individuals and as a congregation. We hope every member and friend of Hosanna! will join us sometime throughout the course of the summer. 
We’ll talk about things like...

  • What do you care about and enjoy doing? 

  • What do you value, and how do you live out your values? 

  • How do you want to grow personally, as well as spiritually? 

  • How can we work together on these passions and goals?

  • What does God have to do with these things? 

Some gatherings will be potluck-style at church, and some will be out at restaurants.  At every gathering, every participant will have opportunity to talk and to listen to others. 


The point of the gatherings is to know each other better and build relationships with each other, not just to collect data or just come up with new programs.  We want to share our passions, empower one another, grow together, enjoy the work God invites us to be part of, and make a difference in our world.  This is our way of working toward answering the Apostle Paul’s challenge to “Live a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called” (Ephesians 4:1). 

In addition to signing up online at the link below, you can RSVP on a sheet in the fellowship hall or by calling the church office at 816-781-7991.

Click here to sign up online.

Here are the remaining dates and meals you can sign up for at the link above:  

  • Sun. June 30, 5:30 - Pasta

  • Wed. July 3, 12:00 - Big Biscuit

  • Thu. July 11, 11:30 - Olive Garden

  • Thu. July 11, 6:00 - Tacos

  • Sat. July 27, Noon - Burgers, Brats, Hamburgers

  • Tue. August 6, 6:30 - Fried Chicken

  • Additional dates and times to be added as needed...

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