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March 29 at Noon in-person
and 7:0
0 in-person and online.

On Good Friday, we remember Jesus’ life-giving sacrifice on the cross.  This traditional and somber “service of shadows” follows a pattern of seven scripture readings, prayers, and song verses that lead us to the cross to feel God’s deep love. 

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Stations of the Cross

Meditate on Jesus’ last days by viewing artwork, reading scripture, and following guided reflections:

Join Us for Easter

We rise on Easter Sunday to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and the new life we’re given each day.

9:30am In-person and Online

This service will be livestreamed.

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Copyright Acknowledgement:  Service music (C) 2006 Augsburg Fortress. Used by permission of Augsburg Fortress under license #SB118889.  Permission to podcast/stream the text and music in this service obtained from One with license #A-729952. 

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