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The following positions are available at Hosanna! Lutheran Church



Hosanna! is a joyful faith community welcoming, honoring, and serving all people.  We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America with an average worship attendance around 100.  We have one worship service each Sunday at 9:30 am, that is livestreamed online.  We are located at 2800 N. Church Rd., Liberty, MO  64068.  Our phone number is 816-781-7991.  We can be found online at and on Facebook at  


Music is a big part of our worship.  Through music, we connect with each other and with God.  We love organ, piano, and all kinds of other instruments, embracing a combination of both traditional and contemporary music styles.  We aren’t all professional singers, but we appreciate the opportunity to sing, and we do so loudly through service music and hymns.  We also appreciate the tone and space that instrumental music creates for our worship.  Our primary instruments include a Baldwin baby grand piano and a 2-rank console pipe and electronic hybrid organ. We are blessed to have a volunteer choir that sings occasionally in worship, as well as numerous members willing to offer occasional instrumental accompaniment.  We believe teaching the songs of faith to our many kids brightens their experience of God and the church.  



The Congregation Accompanist is called to serve Hosanna! Lutheran Church by playing organ and piano for regular and special worship services, planning and leading congregational instrumental music, and accompanying various musical ensembles within the congregation. 




Performance Responsibilities:

  • Play organ and/or piano for all regular worship services (one worship service on Sunday mornings). 

  • Play organ and/or piano for all special worship services throughout the year (around 10 services).

  • Accompany the adult choir for weekly Sunday rehearsals and occasional performances.

  • Accompany performances of a youth/children’s choir and the children’s Christmas program. 

  • Accompany vocal and instrumental soloists and ensembles performing during worship, as needed. 

  • Have first right of refusal for all additional services requiring music, such as weddings, funerals, etc.


Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Schedule and support occasional special instrumental performance in worship by youth and adult members.  Special instrumental music shall be scheduled not less than 6 times per year.

  • Collaborate with the Pastor, Choral Director, and the Worship and Music Committee to select music and plan the shape of worship.  This would involve attending Worship Committee meetings (approximately 6 per year, often via Zoom).

  • Communicate plans, titles, and copyright information (when necessary) in a timely manner to the church secretary and the pastor. 

  • Ensure that pianos, organ, and other instruments are maintained, as appropriate.

  • Obtain a competent substitute for times when absent.



  • Estimated 8 hours per week average for regular worship.

    • This time will vary depending upon an applicant’s experience and the practice time they require.

    • Additional time will be required for special services, including Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday,
        Good Friday, Blue Christmas, Christmas Eve, and five Evening Prayer services.

    • It is understood that some weeks may require more time than average, while others may require less.

  • Salary $500-$1,325 month, commensurate with experience and qualifications.

    • Salary would be paid semi-monthly (twice per month). 

  • Two Sundays of paid leave will be provided.  Additional unpaid leave may be requested. 

  • Medical, dental, and vision benefits, as well as life insurance and paid sick days, are not offered with this position. 

  • This is considered a contract position.


  • The Congregation Accompanist shall report to the pastor on an on-going basis. 




Minimum Requirements:

  • Proficiency at playing both organ and piano

  • Experience accompanying other musicians

  • Knowledge of a wide variety of musical genres, and willingness to use them as applicable

  • Strong organization and communication skills


Optional qualifications that would be favored:

  • Experience leading congregational music

  • Higher musical proficiency

  • A degree in music performance, direction, or education

  • Advanced music-related degrees

  • Familiarity and experience with Lutheran and/or liturgical worship

  • Skills with a variety of other instruments

  • A passion and talent for working with children, including those who might be neurodivergent


Pastor Mike Kern at

Applicants are asked to submit a resume and cover letter. 

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