Our Nativities Tell God's Story - These are our favorites...


Nativity scenes are often treasured possessions, connected to trips or family members.  Many are beautiful handcrafted pieces of art.  In this way, they provide a great variety of perspectives on what the incarnation of Jesus looked like, but also how Jesus' birth touches us personally.

You are invited to e-mail a picture of your favorite nativity to Pastor Mike.  Please include a short explanation of why this nativity is meaningful to you.  We’ll post these pictures here and to Facebook beginning December 7.    

Example Nativity

This is an example of what it will look like when we post your nativity.  A good description might list where you got it--was it a gift, a vacation purchase, or just something you loved when you saw it?  If you know who made it, let us know.  Tell us why you think it is unique--what does it show us about God?  And of course, tell us why it is so meaningful to you. We're excited to see and hear!


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