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In person:  6:00 pm

Online:  Live at 6:00 and available anytime afterwards

If you are new to Hosanna:


We are so glad that you've joined us for worship!  Please leave a comment letting us know that you are here and fill out our worship guest sign-in form.

You are welcome to join us for worship in person or online every Sunday at 9:30.  As great as worship is online, we believe the best part of Hosanna! is the people, so we hope you'll join us in person sometime.  

We also have a lot of other ministries and resources going on that you are welcome to join.  Take a look around our website to see what connects with you and read our weekly Happenings e-newsletter to see the latest about what's happening at Hosanna!


We'd also love to hear from you.  Send an e-mail to or call our church office at 816-781-7991.  We'd enjoy the opportunity to get to know you.   

New Here

Let us know YOU are part of our worship!

You may need to refresh the page to see who else has left a message since you arrived.  

No sign-in or e-mail address is required.

Copyright Acknowledgements: 

Service music (C) 2006 Augsburg Fortress. Used by permission of Augsburg Fortress under license #SB118889.  Permission to podcast/stream the text and music in this service obtained from One with license #A-729952. 

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