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Christ is Risen!  Alleluia!

We're a community where people are valued, fed, and empowered for life grounded in God.

We worship together each Sunday at 9:30.  Join us in person or online.


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Learn more about who we are, how God gives us joy, and why we feel we're better together.

Grow in Faith

See what opportunities there are to grow deeper in faith, and find resources for spiritual practices at home.
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Experience what worship is like with us, see what opportunities are available, and join us online.
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Make a Difference

View how we help our community, with whom we partner, and opportunities there are for you.

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Witness how we value our kids, see the place they have in our community, and find kid-related resources.

Find Direction

Discover resources for finding help and direction during life's rough patches and times of questioning.

Latest News & Announcements:

Updated April 18:

  • Ecumenical Prayer Service Today, April 18
    You are invited to join the congregations of the Liberty area for an ecumenical prayer service on Thursday, April 18 at 7:00pm at Liberty Christian Church (427 E. Kansas St.).  We were disappointed to have to cancel the community service during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity back in January due to the weather, so we’ve rescheduled for April.  Join Pastor Mike and your siblings in Christ as we pray for our community and for unity in God’s church.   

  • Upcoming Faith Formation Calendar:

    • April 21 - Kids Crews and Adult Study

    • April 28 - Intergenerational Service Project

    • May 5 - Kids Crews and Adult Study

    • May 12 - Intergenerational Week and Confirmation

  • Weekly Bible Study Adjusted Meeting Days 
    Due to a few conflicts, the weekly Wednesday morning Bible study will meet a different day the next few weeks--Thursdays, April 25 and May 2 at 10:00.  We’ll return to Wednesdays on May 8. 

  • April is Autism Acceptance Month
    Hosanna! has committed to being a community that welcomes and values those who have a neurological diagnosis, identify as autistic, or who simply don’t fit what’s considered “neurotypical.”  We believe we’re all better when we understand one another better, so this month we’ll be sharing information about this.  You can learn more about how we understand and value neurodiversity at

  • God on Tap - April 30
    Like beer and love God?  It’s time for another God on Tap!  Join Pastor Mike at Conrads in Liberty for conversation Tuesday, April 30 at 7:00pm.  We’ll talk about God, faith, and what’s happening in our lives, letting the conversation go where life and the Holy Spirit take us.  We’ll order individually, so if adult beverages consumed in moderation isn’t your thing or you don’t have time for supper separately, you’re welcome to order food and other beverages.  No need to RSVP. 

  • First Communion Invitation
    Jesus welcomes the faithful to be a part of the Lord’s Supper.  Each year, we provide opportunities for children who aren’t communing to learn about this special meal and to receive their First Communion.  If your child would like to participate this spring, please speak with Pastor Mike or send an e-mail to  We’ll choose a date based on the availability of those interested. 
    Hosanna! does not have an age requirement for First Communion, but rather we trust children and families to know when the time is right for them.  Many families at Hosanna! find this happens sometime between Kindergarten and Second Grade, though some begin earlier and others later.  If you would like help determining if that time is now, please speak with Pastor Mike and/or pick up the handout on the counter behind the table in the entryway.

  • Use RaiseRight Gift Cards When You Travel This Summer
    When you purchase gift cards from RaiseRight, a portion of your purchase gets donated to Hosanna!  Book your travel using gifts cards for Southwest, Delta, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity, Princess, Holland America, and Disney.  You can pay for lodging with AirBNB, Marriot,, Best Western, Hilton, Fairfield, Hampton Inn, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, and more to support the church.  Many common gas stations and fast food restaurants are also available.  The average American spends $2,000-$3,000 on travel per year.  Imagine if 5-10% of that were donated to the church at no additional cost to you!  Gift cards can be purchased on your phone and used almost right away (we aren’t offering physical gift cards at this time unless you have them shipped to your home).  Learn more at

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