Online Worship:  Live online each Sunday at 9:30. Drive-thru Communion 10:45-11:15.
In-Person Worship:  Each Sunday at 9:30.  Masks are optional. Additional details...

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Find resources to deepen your faith.
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Find facts about COVID-19 and our work to keep people safe and connected.

During this time of pandemic and social distance, life can can get overwhelming and lonely.  If you would like to connect with Pastor Mike, please call the church office at 816-781-7991 or send him an e-mail.

Latest News & Announcements:

  • Back to School Sunday is August 22.  During worship, we’ll offer a back-to-school blessing for students, teachers, and staff.  We’ll present Bibles to children at milestone ages.  We’ll also kick-off our Faith Formation Redevelopment with Faith Ministry Initiative. 

    • If your family is attending worship online or you are not able to attend, contact Pastor Mike to make arrangements for him to bring the blessing to you. 

    • We're saving the usual meal and activities for the Hosanna! Outdoor Celebration on Sept. 12. 

    • Sunday School activities won't begin until after the Sept. 12 celebration.  

  • Hosanna! Outdoor Celebration is September 12. We plan to hold worship outside and follow it with a picnic and other outdoor fun.  Details will shared as they come together, but we will still have an online worship option.

  • Reinvesting in Our Youth.  We're working with local non-profit Ministry Leadership Initiative  to take a bird’s-eye-view of our ministry to children, and to redevelop a cohesive plan to share the love of God that matches the unique opportunities and challenges of family life today.  We'll kick off this process on August 22.  

  • Local pandemic conditions continue to change. The council continues to monitor local data and advice from the CDC and local health departments. Currently, these sources and scientific studies tell us that vaccination is the safest and most effective tool we have as individuals and as a community against COVID-19. We care about you and our community, so we encourage you to get vaccinated if you are eligible and safely able to do so. We respect the freedom of choice, but also believe the science that shows it’s a proven and safe way to protect yourself, our kids and others who can’t be vaccinated, and those for whom vaccines are less effective.